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{zero point nine} personal experiments, etc.

Virtual Trackpad for Android

What started out as a quick test with sockets inevitably grew into a fully baked app.

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Anime Color Palette Experiment


This was a novel attempt at 'extracting' color palettes from illustration-styled artwork, and specifically, from anime.

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Spherical Racing Game Prototype - Level Editor

This is a video walkthrough of the level editor. The UI needs work, but most of the major features are in place.

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Spherical Racing Game Prototype - Gameplay

I've been working on this for quite a while. The main conceit is, as you can see, a game whose "game world" is literally a "world", ie, a globe-shaped object, with a racing track that wraps around it. It's 90% C++, but 10% Objective C, which means it lives on iOS, and the iPad specifically, using openFrameworks.

A user-facing level editor is integrated into the game. Though it's probably more accurate to say that the application _is_ the level editor, which has a playable game component as a byproduct of its execution and design (haha). I'll demo the level editor's features next, and then post about certain aspects of game from a high level, maybe including spherical versus Euclidean geometry, AI logic, and ray-casting on a polygon to create textures.

It's been a seriously long time since I've posted anything, so I'm hoping to show some code + video from other experiments soon as well.

FPO Image Generator


Is it not the norm for the agency developer of whatever flavor to be asked make more progress than what's reasonable based on the current status of a given project at any given point in time?

Thus, we continuously look for ways to make more progress with less information, even while increasing the risk of wasted work and unseemly displays of developer angst. At the very least, such experiences make a person receptive to finding a few tricks that might shave off a few extra minutes in one's pursuit to meet the latest unreasonable deadline.

That having been said, the potential utility of this little tool should require no further explanation.

It has its origins in this capricious tweet from some time last winter.