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More Fun With Texture Projection

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Here I’m just expanding upon the ‘texture extraction’ idea posted before. This version maps video onto 3D objects in a much more direct manner by using ray-casting, like the examples in the last several posts.


  • Mouse rotates object
  • Mouse drag moves object
  • [SPACE] remaps the texturing of the 3d object
  • [ENTER] cycles through different 3D primitives
  • [H] shows full list of kludgey hotkey controls

Update with video (8/25/2010):

Although this piece dispenses with the encumbrances of an AR marker or any application-like functionality, I think the method being used here has some potentially interesting uses for an augmented reality-based design application. (Or for more whimsical uses like “upload-your-face” done in 3D). I’ve disabled backface detection, so the imagery gets mapped on all sides of the object rather than just the camera-facing polys, which makes it more visually interesting. Live demo above requires webcam.

2 Responses to “More Fun With Texture Projection”

  1. Rob Bryanton says:

    Cool! I’d like to see something like this married with the face-tracking/video mapping thing we did at , or the character demonstration at

    Nice work!


  2. Patrick says:

    That is awesome Lee!

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