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Video Projector Effect, Advanced

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This version handles arbitrary rotations, field of view / focal length, and uses correct math; the previous example faked it somewhat, doing everything basically with 2D math (but why admit to that? :). I found it twice as difficult getting to this point compared to the version posted a few days ago. It turns out that when you want to rotate more than 90 degrees around the x-axis, it’s good to make friends with quaternions, if only superficially.

And it’s interactive this time. By the way, is it not a royal pain to design an interface to control more than two axes in Flash for the web?

There’s still a lot that could be done right / better with this: backface culling (already tried and failed); frustrum culling; per-triangle alpha based on distance and angle to simulate light intensity; per-triangle focus/blur based on distance, maybe (but probably not); a more straightforward way to implement video; shadows… Basically, anything short of building a renderer-inside-a-renderer.

Bonus points for identifying the band to whom the set list pictured in the third image belongs.

Sorry, still no source.


5 Responses to “Video Projector Effect, Advanced”

  1. Nice demo. btw, what physics engine are you using for the blocks?

  2. Lee says:


  3. Peter says:

    Any plans for releasing the code ?

  4. FastFlash says:

    Lee, Very Interesting Effect!
    … we need sources for experiments :)

  5. martin says:

    very cool indeed!

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