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{zero point nine} personal experiments, etc. - AS3 Class to Create FLV's

An Actionscript 3 class for use with Adobe AIR to create uncompressed Macromedia Flash Video (FLV) files to the local filesystem. It will add proper onMetaData info as well. It's very simple to use.

Example usage:

var myWriter:SimpleFlvWriter = SimpleFlvWriter.getInstance();
myWriter.createFile(myFile, 320,240, 30, 120);
myWriter.saveFrame( myBitmapData1 );
myWriter.saveFrame( myBitmapData2 );
myWriter.saveFrame( myBitmapData3 ); // ... etc.

See the comment blocks in the source for more info. It doesn't support audio.

This comes out of the app I made a little while ago, Webcam DVR. I'm posting the class file now because the app is fresh in my mind, as I just updated it to make it compatible with the current AIR runtime to enter it into the Adobe AIR Developer Derby.

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