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3D Page Curl Effect using Papervision3D

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The venerable "page curl" effect, done in 3D. I originally did a version of this in AS2 using a home-grown 3D class library at about the time Papervision was entering public beta. This implementation using Papervision3D and AS3 runs a few times faster.

Press ENTER to create new instances of the book. Press it several more times and watch your browser chug :).

Here's the main class for the page turn effect. I used the code for the PV3D Plane class as a starting point (but, in hindsight, probably should have subclass'ed from it instead). To create the appearance of a rotation of the 3D object, the individual vertices are rotated around the Y axis by increasing amounts depending on their (original) position along the X axis.

Version: 0.9B - Last updated on 4/22/2007

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